Empowering Communities: Planet Water Foundation’s Lifesaving Mission

Sector: Non-profit organizations
Planet Water Foundation embarked on a groundbreaking project -30 AquaTower water filtration systems were successfully erected across communities in Chiapas, Jalisco, State of Mexico, Oaxaca, Puebla, and Veracruz. This initiative was designed to ensure clean water access for school-aged children and the broader populace, effectively addressing a crucial and pressing need.


Planet Water Foundation steadfastly pursued its mission of alleviating water scarcity Mexico’s marginalized communities. Their approach involved the deployment of community-based water filtration systems (AquaTower) along with the dissemination of crucial education on water health and hygiene, in schools and rural regions in Asia and Latin America.

The Plan

At the heart of the communication strategy was a content-centric public relations approach. This carefully orchestrated strategy served to educate, raise awareness, and enhance Planet Water Foundation’s reputation for unwavering social responsibility. Their PR efforts encompassed the widespread dissemination of media content and personalized outreach, effectively amplifying earned media exposure. In the realm of the digital landscape, Digital PR strategies took center stage, involving collaborations with micro-influencers in sustainability, catalyzing constructive discussions and digital word-of-mouth.


Prominent presence across sustainability, social responsibility, and philanthropy-focused media channels played a pivotal role in reaching the intended audience. Digital PR pursuits effectively generated social media engagement, spotlighting the tangible benefits of AquaTower solutions and the spirit of volunteerism that was the driving force behind Planet Water Foundation.


1 +
earned media features

surpassing the 10-publication target. Earned media coverage -both traditional and digital- elevated Planet Water Foundation’s visibility, cementing its standing as an organization genuinely dedicated to its noble cause.

1 +
social media mentions

by media outlets and journalists who actively shared content, expanding reach and facilitating online brand discovery, and solidifying the organization’s profile.

1 K+
organic reach

from content shared by media and journalists on social media effectively reached an extensive audience, fostering heightened awareness and catalyzing avenues for partnerships, sponsorships, and contributions.

1 K+

-likes, shares, comments, clicks, on shared earned media content underscored the audience’s receptiveness. This dynamic engagement enhanced brand affinity and propelled potential partnership and sponsorship avenues.

referral clicks

organically sourced through earned media and influencer collaborations. These clicks channeled valuable traffic to the Planet Water Foundation website.

Note: It is important to note that the outcomes detailed in this PR endeavor spanned a 30-day duration.