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Since 1989, we‘ve stood out for creating customized communication solutions that are fully integrated and supported by research. We collaborate with businesses of all sizes, ranging from large and medium enterprises to visionary startups and renowned Fortune 500 brands. 

Our focus encompasses from effectively managing communication crises to strengthening brand presence, reach, and discoverability at every touchpoints where your audiences read, listen, and watch, in the formats they like to consume.

We are experts in Optimized Public Relations with a cutting-edge approach. We’re passionate about embracing disruptive technologies and staying at the forefront of communication trends. 

Our actionable KPIs are designed to drive concrete actions and align perfectly with your marketing goals. Not only do we operate in Mexico, but we also extend our influence across the entire Spanish-speaking region of LATAM.

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Public Relations Traditional and Digital

Create the right message targeted to the right audience in the right way with a sophisticated PR approach.

Influencer Marketing

Forge authentic relationships with key influencers in your industry, reach new audiences, and amplify your visibility.

Media Training

Maximize skills and techniques to effectively communicate with your audiences creating memorable multichannel stories.

Social Media

Boost the visibility of your brand and strengthen relationships with your business ecosystem in the digital space.

Event Marketing

Maximize the value of time and money spent in an event, expanding the brand experience.

Digital Marketing

Connect with audiences diligently in the right place, at the right time with measurable results.



We’ve got a strong, deep network of more than 15 trusted and top agency partners, +20 countries; alongside our partners we are regularly executing cross-border campaigns in Spanish speaking countries.

Whether taking the lead on a LATAM program and coordinating agency activity, or simply being part of the LATAM team, we’re always an eager participant, hoping to provide insights from our own experience that can help in other markets, as well as learning from our agency partners to hone campaigns domestically.



Our management team is made up of experts in the industry, who bring years of experience to a company in constant evolution. They cultivate our values and work tirelessly to help the rest of the team to research, apply, grow and succeed.

Hector M. Meza

General Manager

Veronica Ballesteros

Account Director

Cristina Valezzi

Account Director

Monica Soto

Digital PR Manager

Jose Sanchez

Digital Marketing

Adriana M. Bravo


Generative Artificial


At InfoSol, we’ve added to our arsenal generative artificial intelligence (genIA) into our set of tools that support our clients’ PR strategies under internal guidelines to ensure responsible use and streamline the idea-generation process.

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Veronica Ballesteros

Account Director

More than 20 years of experience in Marketing, Corporate Communications, and Public Relations for industries such as Education, Business Consultancy, Trade Associations, Automotive, transport, Logistics and IT.

Cristina Valezzi

Account Director

More than 15 years of experience in Communications and Public Relations for industries such as IT enterprise, Networks Technology, Storage, Consultancy, Manufacturing, Logistics and Transports, Large Format Printing.

Monica Soto

PR Digital Manager

More than 20 years of experience in Communications and Effective Digital Strategies and data analysis for performance evaluation in industries such as Business and Entrepreneurship, Health, Education, Finance, Manufacturing, Environment, and Tourism.

Jose Sanchez

Digital Marketing

More than 10 years of experience in Strategic Planning, Content Marketing Strategies and Inbound Marketing, Digital Advertising, SEO Positioning, and making brands discoverable.

Adriana M. Bravo


More than 20 years of experience in Communication, Consumer Public Relations, Customer Satisfaction Measurements, and implementation of cutting-edge technologies for communication processes.