Revolutionizing logistics with AI-Powered Solutions

Industry: IT for the Supply Chain
Quincus stands at the intersection of innovation and efficiency, encompassing three pivotal components: Integration Connector, Logistics Management, and Transparent Shipment Lifecycle. These elements converge to provide an all-encompassing view of the supply chain network, bolstered by real-time visibility and machine learning optimization.


In March 2022, Quincus marked its entry into Latin America, venturing into Mexico and Colombia. This strategic move was driven by the recognition that the era of AI is reshaping logistics, and Quincus strives not just to partake but to lead in this transformation. Its goal? To establish Quincus as a thought leader, shaping the landscape of logistics and technology in Latin America.

The Plan

In the pursuit to increase Quincus’ awareness, visibility and positioning, to captivate the attention of the B2B SaaS platform’s target audience, evergreen content emerged as the compass. The PR strategy ensured that this content resonated across all mediums -be it reading, watching, or listening. With precision, its content found its home where IT, logistics, transportation, and business converge, aligning perfectly with Quincus’s main audience.


The resonance of Quincus’ content was evident as media outlets in key niches embraced it warmly. This synergy bolstered brand awareness, amplified online visibility, and facilitated discovery. Simultaneously, synchronization with editorial calendars paved the way for fruitful one-on-one interviews. Together, these efforts coalesced to forge a robust brand identity and cultivate a positive reputation.


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in traditional and digital media played a crucial role in amplifying Quincus’s brand presence by communicating its unique value propositions and potential benefits to logistics enterprises.

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social media mentions

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organic reach

through carefully crafted social media posts, Quincus content was organically exposed to a vast audience, intensifying awareness, and cultivating opportunities for conversion.

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through likes, shares, and comments on social media posts fortified Quincus’ brand reputation, catalyzed conversion prospects, and nurtured loyalty.


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